Conventional methods used to choose the right combination of building materials are limited by:

  1. 1.too simplistic consideration of the geometrical structure (e.g. 1D or 2D instead of 3D simulation of thermal bridges and constructional details),

  2. 2.not considering the coupled physical processes of heat and moisture transport,

  3. 3.not considering the entire range of outdoor and indoor climates conceivable.

Also incorrect installation or maintenance of materials can cause irreversible damage.

The consequences of the above could prove very expensive. If in doubt, please contact us.

We use leading 3D simulation software capable of simulating interrelated properties of thermal insulation, moisture diffusion and acoustic attenuation.

Moisture: House killer number 1

When moisture collects or stays within walls, it causes mould in facades or rot in wooden constructions

and may completely destroy a house in time.

Bad air: unhealthy

However when air is too dry, not fresh or polluted, it can be detrimental to health.

Noise: Stress factor number 1

The acoustics in a building are important for human well-being. High noise levels or irritating sounds can cause people to lose their sleep or even their nerves. Not only materials used within the wall but also the room surfaces affect room acoustics.

For a quote on multiphysics simulation of buildings or advice on any of the above, please contact us.